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playlist for the week of 01.10.00

# artist album label
1 dj craze craze music bomb
2 tarwater remix ep roomtone
3 me first & the gimmers are a drag fat wreck chords
4 at the drive in vaya fearless
5 piebald if it weren't for venetian blinds bwr
6 we square root of negative one asphodel
7 buffalo daughter wxbd grand royal
8 le tigre le tigre mr. lady
9 dj spooky subliminal minded outpost/bar none
10 promise ring, the very emergency jade tree
11 mu-ziq royal astronomy astralwerks
12 imperial teen what is not to love slash
13 junior communist club freedom of speed scientific
14 ranier maria look now look again polyvinyl
15 rondelles, the the fox teen beat
16 ralph, dave tranceport II kinetic records
17 random too stoned to sneeze evil teen
18 toog 6633 le grand magistery
19 zorn, john masada live in jerusalem 1994 tzadik
20 quannum spectrum quannum spectrum
21 spacetime continuum double fine zone astralwerks
22 conn, bobby llovessonngs thrill jockey
23 estrella 20/20 afro mexicana estrus
24 freq. nasty freq's geeks & mutilations botchit & scarper
25 ui the iron apple southern
26 various artists your soldiers in psychological warfare various
27 boxhead ensemble niagara falls ep avant
28 lilys zero population growth darla
29 thingy to the innocent absolutely kosher
30 handsome boy modeling school so how's your girl? tommy boy
31 stereolab cobra & phases group play elektra
32 american analog set, the the golden band emperor jones
33 jessica six all good things dischord
34 lullaby for the working class song bar none
35 s.o.l.o. out is in sulphur