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playlist for the week of 04.10.00

# artist album label
1 melt banana charlie a-zap
2 need, the the need is dead chainsaw
3 japanic red book plethorazine
4 blacks, the just like home bloodshot
5 twisted tutu play nice oodiscs
6 kid koala carpa tunnel sydrome ninja tune
7 mr. neveux tuba microbe
8 mouse on mars niun niggung thrill jockey
9 dirty three whatever you love, you are touch and go
10 i am spoonbender teletwin little army
11 from bubblegum to sky me & amy & the two french boys eenie meeni
12 timony, mary mountains matador
13 caravana cubana late night sessions rhino
14 essex green, the everything is green kindercore
15 golden arm trio why the sea is salt shamrock
16 arling & cameron music for imaginary films emperor norton
17 various artists return of the dj vol. III bomb
18 deep lust deep lust kill rock stars
19 sex mob solid sender knitting factory
20 drags, the set right fit to blow clean up estrus
21 technicolor normal control range darla
22 faint, the blank-wave arcade saddle creek
23 sakamoto, ryuichi cinemage sony classical
24 manchurian candidates between reality and shadow big city bastards
25 variosu artists was it him or his music? le grand magistery
26 nerf herder how to meet girls honest don's
27 duster 1975 up
28 electric birds electric birds deluxe
29 slotek 7 wordsound
30 draco enter the draco slabco
31 metabass 'n breath the life & times of a beatboxer bomb
32 old time relijun la sirena de pecera k
33 brave combo the process rounder
34 michelle gun elephant, thee gear blues triad
35 genaside II ad finite durban poison