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playlist for the week of 04.24.00

# artist album label
1 june of 44 in the fishtank konkurrent
2 dj faust, shortee & craze fathomless bomb hip-hop
3 applies in stereo the discovery of a world inside spin art
4 dog faced hermans humans fly / every day timebomb loveletter
5 timony, mary mountains matador
6 casiotone or the painfully alone answering machine music assingle usa
7 i am spoonbender teletwin little army
8 lickets, the the lickets sandwich
9 melt banana charlie a-zap
10 reach the sky so far from home victory
11 o'neil, tara jane peregrine quarterstick
12 golden arm trio why the sea is salt shamrock
13 japanic red book plethorazine
14 ghost snuffbox immanence drag city
15 mouse on mars niun niggung thrill jockey
16 faint, the blank-wave arcade saddle creek
17 brave combo the process rounder
18 arling & cameron music for imaginary films emperor norton
19 caravana cubana late night sessions rhino
20 essex green, the everything is green kindercore
21 retsin sweet luck of amaryllis carrot top
22 vehicle flips for you i pine magic marker
23 sugar shack get out of my world estrus
24 junior vasity bam bam bam! peek-a-boo
25 electric birds electric birds deluxe
26 non receive the flame mute
27 mendoza line, the i like you when you're not around kindercore
28 mr. neveux tuba microbe
29 pachora ast knitting factory
30 cars get crushed evolution to thrust mod lang
31 twisted tutu play nice oodiscs
32 old time relijun la sirena de pecera k
33 blacks, the just like home bloodshot
34 metabass 'n breath the life & times of a beatboxer bomb
35 various artists tape op bubblegum smile