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playlist for the week of 06.26.00

# artist album label
1 five way mirror transcendence burnt hair
2 men's recovery project bolides over basra load
3 immense evil ones and zeros fat cat
4 silver mt. zion, a he has lef us alone constellation
5 steam real time atavistic
6 groceries knuckleheads & icons self released
7 lowbrow ju ju muffin self released
8 turner, otha senegal to sentobia birdman
9 tied & tickled trio ea1 ea2 drag city
10 maybe monday saturn's finger buzz
11 ostertag, bob verbatim, flesh and blood seeland
12 beachwood sparks beachwood sparks sub pop
13 mikey wild I was punk before u were punk bulb
14 lucky motors the package and the prophet ojet
15 sientific american saints of infinity slabco
16 various artists new coat of paint manifesto
17 spider the cat s/t svr
18 zorn, john taboo & exile tzadik
19 sugar shack get out of my world estrus
20 flying luttenbachers the truth is a fucking lie ugexplode/skin graft
21 oldham, will guarapero: lost blues 2 drag city
22 spinanes, the imp years merge
23 chicago underground duo synesthesia thrill jockey
24 pond, matt PA measure file 13
25 tin hat trio helium angel
26 various artists til we outnumber 'em righteous babe
27 lucas, gary improve the shining hour knitting factory
28 mirah you think it's like this k
29 dianogah battle champions southern
30 internal/external featuring... k
31 hughes, jody s/t self released
32 ladytron, the s/t shimmy disc
33 lassie foundation, the el ray annisette
34 delta 72 000 touch and go
35 hood the cycle of days and seasons domino