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this is the list of the top 35 things that receive the most airplay each week on ktru, and are what we report to various entities within the music industry (ie. trade journals like CMJ, Gavin, HITS, etc).
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ktru 91.7fm playlist 02.17.2002

ktru 91.7fm
top 35 for the week of 02.17.2002

1    kants, the    s/t
2    ex models    other mathematics
3    magnetic IV, the    teenage zombie riot
4    seconds, the    Y
5    need new body    s/t
6    quails, the     we are the quails
7    square pusher    go plastic
8    hazlewood, lee    requiem for an almost lady
9    stowaways    do black people like hip-hop?
10    ruins    mandala 2000
11    nobukazu takemura    hoshi no koe
12    adult rodeo    long range, rapid fire
13    tower recordings    folkscene
14    Various    traditional music of peru: the lima highlands
15    naftule's dream    job
16    fridge    happiness
17    xtatika    tounge bath
18    kable    kable3
19    mori, ikue    labyrinth
20    telefon tel aviv    fahrenheit fair enough
21    coil    a guide for beginners: a silver voice
22    waddell, rube    bound for the gates of hell
23    holly golightly    single round up
24    otomo yoshihide    anode
25    smith, ladonna    eye of the storm
26    Various    any woman's blues
27    landstrumm, neil    she took a bullet meant for me
28    triangle    s/t
29    liars    they threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top
30    Various    cuban hip-hop all stars v.1
31    clinic    internal wrangler
32    arab on radar    yahweh or the highway
33    dymaxion    dymaxion * 4 + 3 = 38:33
34    below the sea    the loss of our winter
35    burgalat, bertrand    the ssound of mmmusic

1. allen, brian and jacob kolier /   brain killer   /braintone
2. pink and brown  /  final foods  /  toyo
3. Various   / the structure of scientific misconceptions, the system of 4.
4. scientific misconstructions  /  toyo
5. vaz  /  demonstrations in micronesia  /  load
6. semiautomatic /   s/t  /  5RC