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ktru 91.7fm playlist 09.04.2005

ktru 91.7fm
top 35 for the week of 09.04.2005

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Top 35: 1 various dimension mix eenie meenie records 2 various the free design: the now sound redesigned light in the attic 3 dr. israel inna city pressure roir 4 wilderness wilderness jagjaguwar 5 melon galia les embarras du quotidien grenadine 6 wannadies before and after hidden agenda 7 annie anniemal 679 records 8 sons and daughters the repulsion box domino 9 temper temper s/t revelation 10 wrens, the the meadowlands absolutely kosher 11 your american math motors into the drink kill the bunny 12 midival punditz midival times six degrees 13 adult. d.u.m.e. thrill jockey 14 concretes, the lay our battle axe down astralwerks 15 13 & god s/t anticon 16 gang of four entertainment! warner 17 midwest product world series of love ghostly international 18 various north african groove putuyamo 19 architecture in helsinki in case we die bar none 20 eyeball skeleton #1 my pal god 21 mathletes, the jest and earnest asaurus 22 oneida the wedding jagjaguwar 23 scofield, john that's what I say verve 24 ume urgent sea pretty activity 25 davis, devin lonely people of the world unite mousse 26 george, inara all rise everloving 27 malkmus, stephen face the truth matadork 28 minotaur shock maritime 4ad 29 pelican the fire from our throats will beckon the thaw hydra head 30 unbunny snow tires hidden agenda 31 vertonen orchid collider c.I.p. 32 stevens, sufjan come on feel the illinoise asthmatic kitty 33 velma cyclique emperor norton 34 zom zoms one brain omega point 35 baby teeth the baby teeth album lujo records playlist adds: head of femur ringodom or proctor greyday productions temple, luke hold a mat for a gasoline world mill pond chinaboise the greatest story ever told gulcher dancing dogs patience whaling city sound talbot, jason a love so bright it shines a hole through my heart c.I.p. smith, hobart in sacred trust smithsonian folkways black dice broken ear record DFA excepter self destruction fusetron wray, grayson picasso's dream impressive music new bin adds: con dolore this sad movie clairecords runner and the thermodynamics s/t ace fu cub country stay poor, stay happy future farmer col. knowledge and the lickity splits fall in love all over again with... alive Various rough guide to salsa dance world music network groundtruther longitude thirsty ear saint chapelle soon to fall cardboard sangria records Various tribute to the music and works of brian eno cleopatra