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ktru 91.7fm playlist 12.05.2005

ktru 91.7fm
top 35 for the week of 12.05.2005

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Top 35: 1 animal collective feels fat cat 2 deerhoof the runners four 5rc 3 new pornographers, the twin cinema matadork 4 lady sovereign vertically challenged chocolate industries 5 fall, the heads roll narnack 6 japanther yer living grave menlo park 7 poirier, ghislain breakupdown chocolate industries 8 boards of canada the campfire headphase warp 9 iron and wine & calexico in the reins overcoat 10 lightning bolt hypermagic mountain load 11 Various i love guitar wolf narnack 12 wolf parade s/t ep sub pop 13 sun kil moon tiny cities caldo verde 14 dengue fever escape from dragon house m80/birdman 15 nedelle from the lion's mouth kill rock stars 16 attic ted hemogoblin pecan crazy 17 haimovitz, matt goulash! oxingale 18 Various semper satago: a domino complation domino 19 venetian snares meathole planet mu 20 why? elephant eyelash anticon 21 dangerdoom the mouse and the mask epitaph 22 go! Team, the thunder, lightning, strikc memphis industries 23 lyrics born same shit different day quannum 24 volcano! beautiful seizures leaf 25 apollo sunshine s/t spinart 26 charlemagne s/t winterlander 27 kavina, lydia music from the ether mode 28 king, cast saw mill man locust 29 lekmen, jens when i said i wanted to be your dog secretly canadian 30 sleater-kinney the woods sub pop 31 dynamite club it's deeper than you think funhole 32 karate pockets southern 33 Modey Lemon The Curious City Birdman 34 monk, thelonious quartet at carnegie hall blue note 35 múm yesterday was dramatic - today is ok morr music adds: new constitution on 4 audello espers the weed tree locust redfearn, alec k & the eyesores the quiet room cuneiform barbez insignificance important kyriakides, yannis the buffer zone unsounds secret mommy very rec ache twink broken record seeland bellini small stones temporary residence magnetophone the man who ate the man 4ad murcof remembranza leaf