I was really excited to have these guys on the show. Hamamatsu Tom and the Whoevers is a rotating group of local musicians, fronted by the Handsome Hamamatsu Tom Triplett. Most nights their lineup is fairly different (as is their name – rumor is that whoever books the show gets to name the band for that night, but I didn’t name them The Drink Tickets*), but when they stopped by the studio the band consisted of Hamamatsu Tom, K.G. Beasley, Quincy Adams, and Mannie Schevitz. They played a fairly epic twenty minute version of Wild Thing that we can’t post here, but what we can give you are these two excellent tracks, creatively titled “Untitled” and “Boogie Faust.” Don’t forget to always look over your shoulder, kids!

*They’ve been Hamamatsu Tom and the Bareback Hell Stallions, Hamamatsu Tom and the Montrose Kroger Sushi Counter, Hamamatsu Tom and the Notorious Heights Arsonists, just to name a few.