NAACH Houston brings to you a brand new India House production with the sheer global spirit of Bollywood Dance Theatre, conceived & directed by Mahesh Mahbubani. Lavish costumes, innovative choreography, dynamic dancers, and breathtaking visuals are all woven together, creating a spectacular Bollywood theatrical production.
FREE Event on 4/15/2017 – Miller Outdoor Theatre, 6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX 77030 United States
1. NIGHT AT THE MOVIES – a tribute to the spirit of Bollywood cinema, showcasing a variety of song and dance using different situations from Indian films.
2. MAUSAM – SEASONS – Celebrating the four seasons, Bollywood style.
3. LA GALLERIA D’ARTE – This act is inspired by Indian paintings.
4. SUPERSTAR – Capturing the sheer essence of a superstar.

Houston's Got Bollywood