KTRU Rice Radio Returns to Houston FM Airwaves with 96.1 LPFM Signal

FCC Grants Rice University LPFM Construction Permit

Rice University, Houston, TX – February 9, 2015 – The Federal Communications Commission granted Rice University permission to construct a low-power FM transmitter on Monday, February 9th with a maximum effective radiated power of 41 watts, which has a range of about 5 miles. The call letters are not finalized, and are to be determined.

KTRU, Rice University’s student-run radio station, will use this permit to broadcast a signal from atop Rice Stadium, at 96.1 MHz. The construction of the transmitter is being funded from the proceeds of the 91.7 sale in 2010.

The KTRU community is incredibly excited to re-enter the FM format as a pillar of the Houston local music scene and continue to provide its eclectic, broad range of music through the accessible means of FM radio.

KTRU continues to broadcast 24/7 on 90.1 HD2 and online at www.ktru.org, as well as through TuneIn and IHeart apps (Soon to be added to the the NextRadio app), and expects to begin broadcasting on 96.1 FM by the end of 2015. Look for us left of the dial.

KTRU lives on.

Sal Tijerina
KTRU Station Manager