ktru HD2 radio FAQ

Q: I’ve never heard of HD Radio. Tell me more.

A: HD Radio is the new form of radio, digital and static-free.

Q: Do I need a new radio to hear ktru on HD?

A:  ktru is no longer broadcasting on 91.7 FM because the sale of the ktru license has been approved by the FCC. Now that has FCC approved the sale, you may still hear ktru via the Internet, your i-Pad, i-Touch and i-phone and other mobile devices. But in order to listen to ktru’s broadcast with a radio, yes, you will need a new radio to listen to ktru on 90.1 HD2.


Q: Is HD Radio broadcasting the same as satellite radio? 

A: No. HD Radio broadcasting is your favorite local AM and FM radio stations broadcasting digitally, producing digital stereo on FM, and many more new FREE FM channels, such as ktru on 90.1 HD2.



Q:  You mention HD and HD2. What’s that all about? 

A:   HD Radio technology allows a station, such as KPFT, to broadcast multiple stations on 90.1 in HD in addition to its analog broadcasts.  This ability to broadcast multiple stations is what allows ktru to broadcast on KPFT’s HD second digital channel – HD2.  Because of the way HD digital radio works, it will take a couple of seconds for your radio to catch enough of the HD2 transmissions before you begin hearing ktru programming.  Depending on your radio, you might need to tune to 90.1 and wait a moment for the HD signal to cache the digital audio before you can switch to the HD2 channel.  Once you have ktru on 90.1 HD2, add us to your presets!

Q:   Is ktru the only station available on HD 2?

A:   No. Not that you want to listen to other stations, because you love us so much, but when you obtain your new HD radio, you will be able to hear a lot more channels of radio programming in Houston. Click here to view a list of stations in the Houston area that are broadcasting in HD.


Q: Where do I obtain an HD radio.

A:  So glad you asked.  You may always purchase one at such places as Best Buy, Crutchfield, Radio Shack, SONY Receiver via Amazon and Insignia Portable (note that ktru does not display album art at this time).  Click here for an HD Radio.com buyers guide.

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