Jazzheads everywhere rejoice – a Lee Morgan documentary is here.


The life and death of the prodigious trumpeter who never made a bad album is chronicled in the new documentary “I Called Him Morgan” (2016), directed by Kasper Collin.

Some may have seen Collin’s last documentary, “My Name Is Albert Ayler” (2006) (though a quick scan of the internet pulls up next to nothing as far as clips or trailers, though apparently it does exist).

But we do have a clip from I Called Him Morgan! Check it out below!!


When and where Houstonians can see it is a bit of a mystery. We’ll update if and when and how, if we can…

But rest easy knowing that this is a film that exists in the world. And it’s getting great reviews!

As a bonus, here’s the YouTube video that, according to an interview, inspired the director to return to the jazz well for his latest documentary: