On the second set Sunday, Achim started the New Year off with a heavy dose of avant-garde, and we’d expect nothing less. Over the years Achim has been a bastion for avant-garde jazz on Houston radio and as we start a new year, we’re excited to see what intergalactic, sonic journeys he’ll take us on. One standout from the middle of his evening set comes from one of saxophonist Marion Brown’s most heralded and sought-after albums, Geechi Recollections (Impulse! 1973).

“[The album] was the first in a trilogy of recordings by [Brown] that both honored the work of poet Jean Toomer and revisited his upbringing in Georgia. Together, they form arguably the most beautiful and satisfying output of Brown‘s lengthy career. The music, while remaining experimental, is grounded in Southern folk themes and blues…”

You can listen to the cut Achim played, “Tokalokaloka Part Two,” here.