For the second set, DJ Achim interviewed the improvisational artistic duo of Tatsuya Nakatani and Michel Doneda, live in the KTRU studio. The Houston Press’ Steve Jansen describes the duo as such:

“In the hit-and-miss realm of improvised music, the unusual pairing of Japanese percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani and French soprano saxophone and sopranino player Michel Doneda is a winner (though on paper it shouldn’t be).The collaboration goes back 15 years, when Nakatani and Doneda crossed paths in the latter’s hometown of Toulouse. Since then, the two have sculpted inexplicable ideas that morph into resplendent forms via Nakatani’s gongs and bowed cymbals and Doneda’s long tones and upper-register workings.”

Later on Sunday evening the duo performed at Houston’s The Match at 3400 Main Street, presented by Nameless Sound.

If you missed the interview or the show, you can check out the duo here.