Brought to you by Atefeh Karabi:

It has been a week since I went to River Revival. It was my first time to experience a festival hosted by Splice Records, and I obtained my media pass to gather short interviews and station drops for KTRU Rice Radio. It was a three day festival; I got in Friday night, and stayed until Sunday during brunch time. Friday and Saturday was filled with different performing acts under, as well as outside Splice Records. You had people from other states come through, perform and interact. There was a lot more than just performances. River Revival was an eclectic and wholesome experience. Southern hospitality as it’s best. Family zones, nature walks, late night fireside, riverside assemblies etc. I was astonished that the entire park was designated for the festival; either side had a different convention. Only someone that went to River Revival could comprehend the immersive journey of that weekend. I’d highly recommend attending River Revival, and better yet any performances through Splice Records.