Scott Collins interview and new EP release

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Below is an interview by Audi Karabi with upcoming singer-songwriter and founder of Side Show Paradise Records/Chicken Run Studios:
What is the name of your band and how did you get started on this project?

  • The name of the band is Scott Collins. I use Scott Collins Project for when I am playing gigs with a band or other musicians and not solo. It’s to separate the world’s a bit. I mainly play now with an amazing violinist, singer, songwriter and musician named Lexi Cardenas. It’s been seven years in the making and since we were first introduced to each other, but after both of our runs in Rock and Roll bands our paths finally crossed again. The timing has been perfect for Lexi to join me and also record together for my next upcoming EP release set for this month in Austin, TX.

What kind of music do you play? Who are you influenced by?

  • I write a lot of storytelling music or what could be called “folk” music. That is definitely shown through the lyrics. The music I write, from a various blend of beats and influences, has more of an upbeat feel to it so the mix of storytelling lyrics with upbeat melodies and strong harmonies has us happily in the genre of Americana. Also my influences come from everywhere and everything. Film, other musicians, day dreaming, spirits and on. Music I am really into right now (a.k.a the cd’s in my car cd player on repeat) would be Ryan Adams, Frank Ocean, Beck, James Blake, Gary Clark Jr. and D’Angelo. When I was first starting out in music and chose to live in my car I listened to a lot of Townes Van Zandt.

Are there any new albums coming out soon? What are you working on now?

  • Music right now is going amazing. Lexi Cardenas and I are gigging like crazy and about to release a brand new EP in Austin on Saturday April 8th. It will be my fourth coming EP entitled “Let’s Start Here” and it is just Lexi and I with beautiful melodies, storytelling, harmonies, violin and acoustic guitar. You get what you see live! And people are really digging the live show so we cannot wait to release this next installment of songs. The release will be in Austin at The Blackheart (outside) on Rainey Street April 8th at 10pm. Plus, it’s free! We also have a ton of new music to keep recording/releasing from a professional recording studio I opened in South Austin called Chicken Run Studios, designed by Academy and Grammy winning engineer Chet Himes. So stay tuned for the soon to be released EP plus music videos, a b-side single, and more music!

How is touring? Was this your first time as South by Southwest and where are you off to now?

  • Both Lexi and I toured with our past bands and I actually just finished a solo tour run to Colorado, Chicago, Nashville, Texas cities like San Antonio and more in preparation for my EP release April 8th. Wanted to start paving the road again. But for this release I am working with an amazing PR company, Penny Loafer PR, whom will get me on the road touring asap and especially after the release of our first music video. This is actually my second official year playing SXSW and I’m pretty sure Lexi has been official also. I played official as a solo act in 2015. This past SXSW was our first playing as a duo and it couldn’t have gone better. We played five official shows and tore it up. We had a great time. Now that SXSW is over we are focused on the EP release and then hitting the road! US, International, we wanna do it all. So you’ll probably be seeing us soon.

How was your experience of Texas?

  • I was actually raised in Texas so I’m pretty used to it by now. I was born in Chicago and raised in Austin. I love it here. Great place to gig, create and support fellow musicians, then go tour and call Austin home. I also opened and run a professional recording studio here in South Austin which I do while gigging for a living and soon touring more again. Austin is definitely home but the world is what I’d like to get to know a lot better. And what a better way then with music.