Learn more about the play *The Jungle Book* from Jeff Dorman who plays the character of Tabaqui, The Jackal. Tabaqui feeds on scraps by Shere Khan or the Seonee Wolves. he also plays the character of Buldeo, the Hunter in the man village.

Other artists’: Anthony Hunter (Shere Khan, The Tiger), Inder Sandhu (Bagheera, The Panther), Tejal Master (Raksha, The Mother Wolf) and Alex Ozburn (Akela, The Father Wolf).

Rudyard Kipling’s classic, “The Jungle Book”, has been adapted for stage by Stuart Patterson and tells the evergreen story of a boy named Mowgli who is raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves. The play, Shunya Theatre’s second ever youth musical, runs from August 8 to August 17 at The Barn, 2201 Preston Street, Houston, TX 77003. Shunya Theatre is a non-profit organization.

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