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The Local Show, hosted by Ian W. and Kirston O., focuses on the Houston music scene with an emphasis on of-the-moment bands. Featuring regular live performances and interviews with Houston’s emerging talents, the Local Show is an indispensable way to keep up with the musicians you share the city with. Here’s an interview by 29-95 about the Local Show.

  • spoken word

DJs Ayn and Miguel play a variety of poetry, fiction, historic speeches, abstract recordings, current work and usually feature live interviews and readings on the 4th week of each month.

DJs Roshni J and Varsha V play on Saturday mornings 10am-noon CT. Our goal is to introduce listeners to the diverse and enormous plethora of music from the Indian subcontinent, and its worldwide diaspora. We play all kinds of music: Bollywood hits old and new, Indian classical, Indipop, folk and Asian Underground. We also conduct interviews with South Asian artists residing in Houston and also touring artists. Past live shows and artist interviews are posted on our website.

The house lights dim. The audience hubbub softens to a rustle. The stage doors open and the conductor strides to the podium, greeted by enthusiastic applause. What follows is like the first sound ever heard. Experience the intensity of this moment on “Shepherd Soundings,” a new show dedicated to the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. You’ll hear recent orchestra concerts, after which Student Spotlights will take the fore – solo and small ensemble performances paired with reflections on music and musical life.

Chickenskin music first aired on ktru on January 8th, 1979. It’s a collage of folk, bluegrass, blues, singer-songwriter stuff and a few odds and ends that might make itself into the mix. From time to time they have live in-studio guests and performances. The show is hosted by David John and Soren, and if you have any requests or questions about the music, feel free to send an email to

  • sixties

Treasures of the ’60s: acknowledged jewels and lost gems, mostly recorded between 1965 and 1972.

  • kids show

it’s all the fun of saturday morning, pushed back to noon! an assortment of music and stories to delight folks who are kids on the exterior or interior.

DJs Hsin-Jung, Heather C., and Keith A. host the Scordatura Show which explores modern and contemporary classical music: i.e. experimental, electronic, or otherwise unusual music voiced for more or less traditional orchestral instruments, while focusing on composers and/or compositions since 1900. Representative artists would include Philip Glass, Steve Reich, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Schaeffer, and Gyorgy Legeti. We try to emphasize lesser known material as well as feature the works of local composers and performers. We also bring a broad knowledge of New Music not only from America, but from Asia, Europe and all points beyond. We try to use the Scordatura program to introduce music from all over the world to the Houston listening community. Rather then just play the music, we also try to convey a deeper understanding of the music to the listener by discussing some of the elements that make the pieces we play so unusual.This is a most unique show and may be the only show of its kind on the air today and we feel a responsibility to the music. Scordatura airs on KTRU on Thursdays from 5-7 PM and on Saturday from 2-4 PM.

Routes D’Afrique explores the rich diversity of African music and its global offshoots ranging from traditional and folkloric recordings, classics from Congo’s belle epoch, the golden years of highlife, current emerging styles and dance hits. Routes D’ Afrique also traces the journey African music has taken to the Americas, Europe and Asia. We also celebrate the growing African community in Houston and nationwide.We have two DJs, Chris who has been spinning African music for almost 30 years and has spent 5 years living and working in Cameroon. Cat caught the African music bug studying in South Africa in the 1990s.

  • genetic memory | site

the weirdest of the weird! strange, unusual sounds for those searching for something abnormal.

  • ska

2 hours of skanking awesomeness, from old-school to third wave to international and instrumental ska bands from all over the world and time.

  • americana

the Americana Show explores the roots and history of american music.

overview of the reggae genre, including roots, dancehall, lovers, and especially instrumental dub and derivatives.

  • funk show

Funk music is a blend of R&B, Soul and Jazz with emphasis on rhythm. The Funk and Soul Show explores this music in its many forms. From rare deep funk 45s to classic samples to new and vintage sounds from around the world. Tune in Thursdays from 7-8pm.

Hosted by DJ Allan N since 2010, the show was started in 2003 by DJ KetchM and DJ JeffW, then from 2008-2010 the show was hosted by DJ Jaekim .

  • electronic show | site
  • world music
  • hip hop – vinyl frontier
  • post-punk | twitter
  • mk ultra | site
  • mutant hardcore flower hour | facebook
  • sunday special

an eclectic array of genres, every sunday evening 8-10pm. Each week the Sunday Special will be spotlighting grounded artists from a specific category i.e. Kpop, math rock, from loop to synth, instrumental etc.

The Shoegaze Show was a specialty show Amber C. started back in 2008. The show focused on the music of shoegaze, dream pop and psychedelia – both the classics and the contemporary bands that are adopting the shoegaze sound and reinterpreting it in a new way. As a genre, it is seeing a major resurgence of new interest, and the number of bands adopting this sound and making it new and different has grown exponentially since 2008. It is an exciting time to be a fan of shoegaze, and we love being able to bring Houstononians the amazing music of this relatively obscure genre.