Summer 2013 New DJ Application P2

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Why do you want to DJ at KTRU?

KTRU describes its format as "eclectic". What does that mean to you?

New DJs at KTRU start off with a general shift. What music are you currently listening to and what new genres are you interested in learning more about?

How often do you listen to regular (not Internet) radio? Which stations?

There are so many ways to get involved at KTRU besides just DJ-ing, like putting on concerts at Rice, tinkering with sound equipment and other awesome nerdy radio-y things, doing publicity, writing reviews and choosing the music that goes into the station. On a scale from 1 to cool, tell us what interests you. Is there one that you would like to get involved with in particular? * Some options include: mixing audio live at concerts, booking, production, music department (librarian, label contacts, reviewing new music), publicity, promotion, studio repairs, automation, computers, Public Service Announcements,etc.

Tell us what your idea of fun is. Really.

Who is your favorite KTRU DJ?

Are you interesting?

How do you spend your time outside of school or work?

Use the space below to let us know any additional information about yourself you think we should know. Or you can put something that will make us turn to each other and say, "hey, look at what this idiot/cool person put here